Solar Salt

World Salt Production is currently 280 million tonnes per annum.  China is the world’s largest producer followed by the United States.  Australian salt production is 12 million tones with around 90% exported.  Salt around the world is produced by one of three technologies:

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Solar Salt is produced from either sea water or underground brine.  The water or brine source contains a range of dissolved salts including common sodium chloride.

The ionic composition of sea water is as follows:

55.1% Chloride (Cl-)
30.6% Sodium (Na+)
7.7% Sulfate (SO42-)
3.7% Magnesium (Mg2+)
1.2% Calcium (Ca2+)
1.1% Potassium (K+)
0.4% Bicarbonate (HCO3-)
0.2% Bromide (Br-)
0.1% Borate (BO33-)


The input water (brine or groundwater) is pumped into evaporation ponds where water is evaporated through the action of the sun and wind. As the salt water or brine solution concentrates, it reaches a point where the dissolved salts start precipitating out of solution. The salt then crystallises out of solution base upon their solubility. Solar salt field operators manage the brine to ensure that a high proportion of the sodium chloride salt is deposited in crystalliser pans. The quantity of salt that can be produced varies based upon the input water concentration, area of ponds, evaporation and rainfall. The deposited salt is normally harvested annually.

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